Self-taught IT geek with a passion for Travel, Adventure, Bollywood movies and anything Aviation!

Started my professional life when I was still in High School teaching C/C++ to engineering students. Moved on to a career in Software Development, developing eCommerce Applications for a few years before graduating towards Project Managment.

As a Project Manager with a strong Entrepeneurial drive, I built and managed Offshore Development Teams independently from the ground up with span of upto 50 developers. Coming from a Training background was an advantage as it built my Communication skills as well as Mentoring skills both of which came in handy when building up teams from scratch. Strong Communication skills in English and Regional Languages so Independently handled Customer Facing Roles translating Client Business Requirements into Technology Solutions and creating Action Points for the Development teams.

I never ever wanted to be in IT! Till I was 8, if someone asked me What I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say Pilot or Doctor or something stupid like that! But when I was 8, I saw this Bollywood movie and after that all I ever wanted to do was become a Film maker and writer – Not in front of the camera but behind! Got a lot of eye-rolls from Family and Friends growing up! Dont judge me – but the film that changed my life goals was Chandni! I hope I can someday wear Chiffon Sari’s and dance in the Snow on the French Alps like Sridevi does in this movie!

Even at the age of 10, I would be watching Films and analysing technique and all that! Ofcourse my choice of Films changed. I acquired a serious taste for Gulzar films – the man is god for me! I always thought I would end up in Films. Even joined Film School – evening Diploma course so I could continue my regular education and get a “real” degree at the same time. In Film School, was introduced to World Cinema – was especially blown away by Iranian and Korean films. Bollywood films are pure entertainment and masala! But these films are on another level!

But life had other plans! I had to move out of home and start working in order to survive – which meant abandoning all other film ambitions I may have had! So IT it was! But, no regrets!

Personal Life – Army kid who grew up in a Cantonment and went to a Jesuit school – think that says everything about me! 🙂 Personally Conservative, Malayalee Nazarene Christian but with Liberal, Secular Values. Despise religious bigotry of any kind!

Growing up Transgender in a conservative country meant Friendships and Relationships were…Complicated! So like to keep myself busy with work and half a dozen hobbies – Touring, Photography, Cooking, writing Short Stories, Blogging or just “Netflix & Chill”! Like Anushka Sharma’s character in the Bollywood film ADHM “Raayta hoon, faayl rahin hoon” (like the wind, I am everywhere)! Not a party animal and hate clubbing! Prefer quiet potluck dinners, BBQs or perhaps camping in the Jungle with close friends!

Jungle camping in my Gypsy – Yossarian

I find Cooking to be especially therapeutic. Plus, My Grandma(s) used to say that to get a man you aim for his stomach. I always assumed I would have to aim a little lower!😉 Learnt to cook Kerala food from my Grandmas! Decent cook with South Indian food if i can say so myself – especially Cuisine of my Home State Kerala! When girls ask me how I managed to snag that Hottie, well HE especially loved my Kerala Beef Fry with his Scotch! 😉

These are a few of my favorite things!

  • Dream Job: Work for an Airline – would bring together 2 of my passions – Software and Aviation!
  • Favorite Food: Kerala Food and Italian.
  • Least Favorite food: Japanese sushi. Food should be COOKED!
  • What I look for in a man: NOT a UP Bommin – That is a mistake a girl only makes once!! 😉 Simple, Conservative, “Christian” values, serious about his career and keeps himself fit.
  • What destroys a relationship: Expectations. Toxic Control. Umbilical Cord to Mommy.
  • My Crush: Hrithik Roshan. Sonu Nigam. Michel Morone (DONT JUDGE!!!)
  • Favorite Road Trip destination: Ladakh.
  • Favorite Hobby: Jungle “ghooming” and Camping. Off-road capable 4×4 SUV is a necessity not a Luxury!
  • Favorite City: Tied between Prague and Nice. Love Southern France area.
  • Best Annual Holiday: Backpacking through Europe in under $2000 after a bad bet!
  • Favorite Bollywood films – Chandni, any Gulzar film.
  • Favorite Hollywood films – Grapes of Wrath (old), Catch-22, Any WW2 movie.
  • Movie Character I identify most with: Alizeh played by Anushka in the movie ADHM. I think that character is me! TOTALLY! 🙂