The “Narrative Problem”

I have been fascinated with reading maps from a young age. I spent a lot of my childhood years reading maps of Ladakh and later as an adult riding to these areas! I have since evolved to read digital satellite maps and I happen to know just where to look! Speaking of strange hobbies, this is as strange as it gets! So bite me! But one thing that I have realised over the past few years is just how the Chinese have slowly crept up over the years all across the Border, technically the LAC (Line of Actual Control). The other thing that stands out clearly when reading satellite maps across a period and connecting them to News Items in the media is the widely differing narratives between the Chinese side and that on the Indian side. The problem is that independent Western Media sources and defense analysts do not dispute the Chinese version which holds up to actual position on the ground as proven by the Satellite Maps. The Modi Govt’s narrative however is completely off the charts! The Modi Govt has a narrative problem here – Nobody can believe your version of events because it simply is not adding up for the objective observer! Let me explain!

Modi and Xi Jinping used to meet annually, or in some cases multiple times a year between 2014 and 2020. That infamous image on Modi and Xi sharing a romantic swing followed by treacly sweet images of the two feeding peacocks in a park still induce Barfs 8 years later! However these meetings abruptly stopped after 2020. The Chinese position, made very clear by reading the transcripts of the official communiques, was that there was no convergence on issues and thus no Head of state level talks were necessary. The Indian position was that Talks were ongoing “at the highest levels”!

At the recently concluded BRICS meeting in South Africa, Modi and Xi Jinping did meet 4 days back on 24 Aug. The Indian side claims that Xi specifically requested for the meeting. The Chinese side OTOH insists that the meeting was at “Modi’s request”. Indian side confirms the Chinese version when talking to Western media but says “Chinese side requested for the meeting” to the Indian media! What really happened?! Does giving these diametrically opposing statements help with your credibility?

Since 2020, the Indian and Chinese sides have taken diametrically opposite interpretations on Ladakh as well. The Chinese have studiously avoided High level meetings (above Corp Commander level) since then. So the question obviously arises – Why would Xi Jinping WANT to meet Modi now if there was no possibility of agreement on the terms? Did the Indian side suddenly have some kind of a brainwave that would be acceptable to the Chinese?

The next question that arises from this is – What was this brainwave idea? Secret protocol Accepting the new Chinese line a further 20kms East into Indian Territory while lying to the Indian audience back home? Did what happened at the Corp Commanders meeting on the 14th August have any connection with what Modi discussed with Xi on 24th? After referencing the satellite maps, There definitely seems to be a connection but then again, it could just be another Huge coincidence! So whats the scene boss?? What really happened at the Modi-Xi meeting on 24th?

Lets go further back! So Modi meets Putin in Sep 2019. Then Modi meets Xi Jinping in Oct 2019 in Chennai. Then again, meets BOTH in Nov 2019. 18 meetings with Xi Jinping and 4 trips to China and following EACH of the above there is significant movement on the ground in Ladakh and Arunachal! Again – this could just be a coincidence, but I am just asking generally! ๐Ÿ™‚ In a move that took the Chinese completely by surprise, the Indians had moved to take control of the heights on the Kailash Range which allowed Indians to keep a close watch on the Chinese positions on both banks of the lake. It was a fantastic tactical operation and a huge strategic gain for India. Why did the Modi Govt order the troops to withdraw from these positions? Hard questions that need to be asked no?

I am no journalist! I am just a poor struggling immigrant with a 140+ IQ and an unhealthy interest in studying Satellite Maps! But when I put Dates and meetings on one side and ground data from Ladakh on the other, a very interesting pattern begins to emerge. How is it that no Indian journalist or Analyst with all the resources at their disposal thought of doing this and spotting this pattern?

COME ON Indian Journalists! This is a simple exercise! You dont need any special hacking/darkweb skills! If you ever need those, Let me know! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But what you do need to do is to stop crawling before this Fascist Hindutva Regime when they ask you to bend and start asking questions! That is your job in a Democracy! Wake up your sleeping conscience and be a real journalist again!

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